Who's on and when

Subject to change from time to time...

At times when no shows are scheduled, RWW usually broadcasts pre-recorded shows and music using our Myriad computer playout system.............................


Kath and Eileen's Monday Morning Spot

Gill Lambert's Cultural Tea Time Show (17-00 / 19-00)

2 hours of easy listening music, with poetry and short stories

Mikey's Motown Memories (19-00 / 20-00)

An hour of MOTOWN with Mike Williams

Music from the labels created or owned by Berry Gordy Jnr

(Motown, Tamla, Gordy, Soul, V.I.P., Miracle, Rare Earth, Mowest and more)

Rob and Jeff - After The Visitors Have Gone Show (20-00 / 22-00)

Mikey's Monday Music Mix (22-00 / 00-00)

Mike Williams returns in the guise of Mr Moonlight with 2 hours of whatever he does on a Monday night.

A featured album, 70s For Starters, '6 By 6' Northern Soul, plus a bit more Motown.



Tuesday Trash with Nige 'The Boy' Larkin (16-00 / 18-00)

The Samanda Experience (19-30 / 21-00)

Sam Jepson and Amanda Jordan get together for a bit of a catch up on a tuesday night

Sam likes his 80's, Amanda loves her country, they both love chatting about 'this, that and the other'



Ray Mudd's Country Round Up (15-00 / 17-00)

2 hours of mostly country music, plus a bit of acoustic, folk and other related styles of music

Jess Percival (17-00 / 19-00)

RWW's youngest and newest presenter

Tricky Ricky's Wednesday Night Selection Box (19-00 / 21-00)

When you open a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get. It's the same with Richard Parkinson on a Wednesday evening

A Pop Profile, A Mystery Year, and loads of requests. Plus Richard keeps you up to date on the evening's sport.

Mikey's LATE Shift (21-00 / 00-00)

Mike Williams returns to end your Wednesday with an 80's For Starters, DJ Delights, Featured Album, another '6 By 6 Northern Soul Spot' and a Request Rewind (rewind, rewind, rewind)... Plus a bit of Motown to close.


Time To Swing And Sway The Dilys Bray Way (10-00 / 13-00)

Dily's plays all sorts of music from the 40s to the present day, in her own special way... Well, there you go.

Matt Carroll's Tea Time Extravaganza (18-00 / 20-00)

2 hours of fun, music and teasers

Liam Merchant (20-00 / 22-00)

2 hours with Liam, featuring a look at the current singles and albums charts, and the coming weekends sport


Sorry, our day off at the moment :-(


Emma Wingate's Weird and Wonderful Stories (11-00 / 12-15)

Great music and strange stories

Nigel's Magic Mix (12-15 / 14-30)

Nigel Crouch plays your requests and presents his 'infamous' quiz

Sport At The Well (14-30 / 17-30)

Richard Parkinson keeping you up to date on the days sport and takes you back with some sporting memories (other presenters may also cover this show)


Steve Pryme's Sunday Show (11-00 / 13-00)

Steve embarks on a musical journey through as many genres of music as he can fit into 2 hours


Other presenters slot into times when they are available :-

D.A.T. - Dave Thompson, Paul Armstrong, Elainey B', and Paul Black & more


HOSPITAL RADIO is not all about being Superstar DJ's. We look for members who appreciate that we present shows to people who are ill and quite often aged... We are looking for new members who enjoy meeting and talking to patients and their families, on the wards or corridors... You don't have to know anything about music, but want to do something enrich your community. Maybe you have organisation skills, or have great fundraising ideas... Or maybe you can just make a great cup of tea :-)

If you think YOU could fill a slot, why not contact us at Radio Wishing Well (if you are in the Manchester area)

Or take a look at the Hospital Broadcasting Association website www.hbauk.com for a hospital radio station near you.